At Console we mainly do design concept engineering and bleeding-edge technical solutions. Most of our work is for, or in concert with, large corporations.

Things that big companies make and show off “out of the blue” at trade shows and events, that’s the kind of stuff we skunkworks up, and help put in motion at large computing firms.

Behind the scenes, we also give good guidance to tech companies and related firms about the direction of technologies. Sometimes companies want ground truth about their internal objectives, and designs. We’re really good at giving harsh truths.

Console Enterprises has always been a lean operation. Staying a little more hungry, and a little more foolish (read: tongue-well-planted-in-cheek) than other firms in this field. In a field known for straight laces and lockstep motives, we have differed with our past public endeavors (Console OS, for example). But we always do it with a focus on one mission: making technology better.

Our main areas of focus are in the PC and embedded space, ranging from IoT to 5G and broadband solutions. Our mascot, ConsoleBot, is based on our historic investment in the Android operating system, and the associated Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Our core competencies are in 5G modem adaptation and engineering, as well as Android, Linux/BSD, and Windows for design concept to testing and internal feedback.

In sum, we can develop concepts that can empower your team to make new things – or provide an independent voice that tells your company where things are headed.

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