Better Wi-Fi & We’re On The Move

September 12, 2016
Console Enterprises

ConsoleTab Update – Wi-Fi

We have one more update to share this month on ConsoleTab™ specifications – better Wi-Fi!

Part of our partnership with Teclast meant making sure ConsoleTab worked great in the United States. The USA depends heavily on 5GHz Wi-Fi today. Originally, ConsoleTab didn’t have it. And, the Wi-Fi radio didn’t really meet our standards either.

After a long hunt, we’ve chosen a Qualcomm Atheros module for ConsoleTab, with superior Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas. We chose Atheros modules in part because of their excellent performance inside Android today, and also because it works well in every OS that our customers plan to throw at ConsoleTab; Windows 10, Android, and traditional Linux.

Finally, we also chose Atheros because of its fully open-source drivers. In case you were wondering, we did not use Intel modules due to packaging issues – there wasn’t a capable Intel module that would fit our final circuit boards, as we’re using SIP modules (common amongst Bay Trail & Cherry Trail tablets).

So for those of you that were worried we would go with, ahem, not one of those two Wi-Fi manufacturers… say, one with closed-source, unreliable drivers, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

We do not expect this to delay deliveries of ConsoleTab, we’re already well under way with our certification plan.

As to pre-orders we do hope to start test runs late this week, but that will be dependent on the next section of our update. After some initial tests, we’ve decided the first round of pre-orders will only be open to our Kickstarter backers.

This will ensure Kickstarter backers get first-in-line treatment (in addition to their backer-exclusive 2x crossgrade discount), and also get a chance to serve as beta testers of our pre-order system.

We’re Moving!

We had hoped to start pre-orders before this became an issue, but our keyboard realignment has created a bit of a time problem for us.

Specifically, we’ve decided to move Console Inc. to Chico, California.

The reasons for this move are several. Primarily, as we pivot to being a hardware and devices company, we’re going to need more space. Even storage space in Silicon Valley is particularly expensive, as is the jaw-dropping cost of living. Chico meanwhile, is starting to flex its startup muscles.

While we aren’t a member, Chico has started a city-led incubator, and Chico has hired its first airport manager in years, with a mandate to restore flight service with a major airport, such as San Jose International. Some startups in the area are already running private shuttle flights to and from San Jose, with interest from some of the top tech companies in the valley.

So, we’re not alone in taking an interest in Chico. It’s our founder’s home town, and we’re excited to be making the move. We expect the move to be wrapped up by the end of the month.

That said, leases and other things take priority – so this may mean a slower than expected roll out of some of our planned news while we get settled in. Hang in there as we finish this relocation, we’re working every day to make ConsoleTab a success!

Legal: ConsoleTab™ has not yet been certified by the Federal Communications Commission. No orders, pre-orders, or purchases for ConsoleTab™ will be charged, completed, confirmed, or processed, until certification has been obtained. Specifications are subject to change until pre-order requests are confirmed – which can be cancelled at any time prior to confirmation.