iConsole Stage 0 is Now Available

June 8, 2020
Console Enterprises

Today we’re making available iConsole® Stage 0 – a next step towards a new TV and gaming platform.

iConsole Stage 0 is a customized Intel NUC10 running Windows 10 and shortly, yes Android (in a new way). It comes with our own Bluetooth game controller, a 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM.

We’re starting with something simple, because this is what we’re using internally to build our new platforms. Many people have given it a try and asked us if we can supply them with the same setup.

We know you probably have more questions about what we’re working on, and why we’re shipping this now.

Parking our company in Chico, California turned out to be a good idea… at the time. We got settled in right before the devastating California wildfire known as the Camp Fire disaster. With no ability to hire new people (because we can’t find them a place to live), we got all set to move out of the area… and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

We will have more to share as the pandemic recovers. Hopefully before there’s a vaccine, but no promises.

You can purchase iConsole Stage 0 from the home page.