Dropping the Second Battery

August 30, 2016
Console Enterprises

Hi all, Christopher here. I’ll try to keep this one brief. At the end of last week we noted that we would have to bump back the launch of pre-orders due to a manufacturing problem. I can now give more details on that.

When our manufacturing partners at Teclast began doing sample runs of the ConsoleTab Docking Keyboard, the failure rates were extremely high. Double digits. We’ve isolated the problem to a flaw in the keyboard’s unique charging circuit. Failures in the IC that handles power distribution, were leading to power fluctuations that were causing the keyboard to overload and completely fail.

We worked hard to spec out our version of the keyboard, offering a reserve power switch and optimizing it to make sure that it would not engage in charging one battery (the ConsoleTab’s battery) with another battery (the keyboard’s battery). The result was the keyboard was too unique, over engineered, and pushing the envelope too much.

To meet our launch goals, we’re axing the second battery. We still hope to launch the ConsoleTab Docking Keyboard later this year, and it will cost less as a result. Part of the re-engineering will include modified weight distribution, to ensure that it keeps typing like a laptop keyboard should (and not rock all over the table, like a lot of tablet docks do).

In terms of delivery, we don’t expect the keyboards to ship significantly later than the production ConsoleTab units. We hope to keep the delay to less than 60 days, between when tablets and keyboards ship.

Pre-Order Update

Next week, we expect to open up pre-orders. Once again, your credit card will not be charged until we’re ready to take your specific ConsoleTab into production.

The Docking Keyboard will not be up to pre-order, initially. If there are further delays, we don’t want you to be out money while you wait. We won’t put it up for pre-order until it meets our standards. Even if that means having to wait a bit on its magnetic docking, USB port, and kickstand functionality.

But, those that pre-order ConsoleTab before we launch the ConsoleTab Docking Keyboard will get discount codes equal to 50% off the retail launch price.

We’re already going to offer ConsoleTab pre-orders via Demand Pricing; The earlier you pre-order ConsoleTab, the less you’ll pay. Consider the Docking Keyboard discount, to be just another incentive to pre-order ConsoleTab.

P.S. We can’t make any promises today about bringing back a battery variant of the keyboard. It would not be available until next year at this point anyways. But – if we do decide to bring it back, anyone that buys a ConsoleTab Docking Keyboard this year, will get to crossgrade at cost.

Legal: ConsoleTab™ has not yet been certified by the Federal Communications Commission. No orders, pre-orders, or purchases for ConsoleTab™ will be charged, completed, confirmed, or processed, until certification has been obtained. Specifications are subject to change until pre-order requests are confirmed – which can be cancelled at any time prior to confirmation.