A New Year, A New Update

January 1, 2017
Console Enterprises

An Update on ConsoleTab

What’s up with ConsoleTab? Why is it not open for ordering yet? After we fixed our battery… situation… We found ourselves in the same boat as the Jolla Tablet. A key component we needed was suddenly replaced with a newer one.

Specifically, Intel discontinued the Atom x5-Z8300, and replaced it with “second generation” Intel Atom Cherry Trail processors. For a big company, that’s not a big deal. For us, it means starting the whole testing and review process over again. That takes time, a lot of time for a small startup.

Thankfully, we didn’t do what Jolla did, and take paid-for pre-orders, and then burn thousands of paying customers out of hundreds of dollars each.

On the plus side from Intel, it appears Nougat (Android 7.1), is going to land on ConsoleTab. We’ll keep you updated with progress on that throughout the first quarter of this year. And, these newer second-gen Cherry Trail CPUs will be on the market for the foreseeable future.

ConsoleTab will debut (again) this month with a new processor – and the ordering books should open up. Better specs, same target price.

Finally, Our Name Gets a Tweak

We’ve quietly changed our name from Console Inc. to Console Enterprises. There are several reasons why, but basically another company (a mere mile away from us) started using the same name as us – shortly after we reserved rights to the name in California.

They were doing something completely different – but compounding the matter, managed to raise millions of dollars. While we agreed not to sue one-another, it just became messy. When the .enterprises gTLD (domain name suffix) opened up, we leaped at the opportunity.

Now it’s so much easier to find us on the web… since, you can now find Console Enterprises at Console.enterprises – Simple, easier, better.

We will continue to assert our rights over the Console Inc name, and use it for our industry consulting services.

2017 is an exciting year for us. The past two years have been a mess of pull-backs from corporate partners, and community consternation as a result. We aren’t quitters. With Intel returning to Android, we were proven right to not have given up. We’re really excited about what 2017 will bring.